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Davis, Lauren

Lauren only started playing air hockey within the past year, playing weekly tournaments in Chicago. She has quickly risen through the ranks and is one of the best up and coming players. When not playing air hockey Lauren sings random made up songs about her cat Margot. 

Gamers (Who Happen to Be Women)

We put together a panel of some super influential gamers… that happen to be women Imoto “Arcade” Harney is the face of MarcoTV. Erika “Verika” Philipp runs MilCog tabletop gaming with her husband Jamey and has been a model for different board games. Allison DiMichele is one of the top-ranked women air hockey players in […]

MGC Belt Challenge

Stop by the Garcade to challenge for the MGC Title Belt! Made by the same people who have made belts for the WWE and NFL, the Midwest Gaming Classic Belt is an impressive piece of metal and leather that you can strap on and take your photo with for defeating your opponent in a game! […]

Amateur Air Hockey Tournament

Compete against others in the amateur air hockey tournament! Don’t worry, the best in the world will be helping to run the tournament, not play in it!

Pro Challenge Match: Allison vs. Lauren

Two of the top Chicago female air hockey players, Allison DiMichele and Lauren Davis, will battle it out to determine who is the #1 ranked player in IL. Challenge matches are an air hockey marathon with the players competing in a best of 7 set battle, with each set being the best of 7 games. […]

Beat the Air Hockey Pro

Think you’re good at air hockey? We’ll have a number of pro players on hand that you can challenge on Saturday!

MGC GameShow

Super The Hardest presents the return of the most popular event at the Midwest Gaming Classic ten years ago… the GAME SHOW! Stop by to see a hilarious spin on a game show revolving around trivia, questions, gaming, and above all, FUN!

DiMichele, Allison

After getting started in air hockey in 2017, Allison “Scorpion” DiMichele has quickly risen through the ranks of the sport to become one of the highest rated women players on the planet and is aiming to become the first woman ranked in the top ten of all players. When she’s not dominating the table in […]

Free 2-Day Tickets

Bring a machine to share, and as long as it meets our requirements you get your Saturday and Sunday tickets for the show… free!

Quezada, Brian

Brian Quezada has been playing competitive air hockey regularly for the last decade, recently finishing 6th in the World Championships. Along with his teammate, Dan Meyer, Q is a two time doubles world champion. Brian enjoys discussing strategy and tips for air hockey with anyone who wants to learn.