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MGC Belt Challenge

Stop by the Garcade to challenge for the MGC Title Belt! Made by the same people who have made belts for the WWE and NFL, the Midwest Gaming Classic Belt is an impressive piece of metal and leather that you can strap on and take your photo with for defeating your opponent in a game! […]

Slypatch Magic Room

Buy Magic, play Magic, talk Magic…BE MAGIC! Also offering on demand events such as $5 pack wars where both players get a pack and the winner gets a pack, Old School MGC Tower, where both players use the same old school cards to duke it out in a format unique to the Midwest Gaming Classic, […]

Magic: Sunday Commander

Bring your Commander deck and face off against others to see who will be legendary! Winner will receive a box of Commander Legends, with store credit for the top four based on how many players enter!

Magic: Pauper Tournament

Play cards from throughout the history of Magic: the Gathering with Pauper, so long as they were printed as common! We hope you’ll join us for one of the most affordable and fun formats! Prizes are 4 Lotus Petals to the winner, and SlyPatch Gaming store credit for the top four based on how many […]

Digimon Tournament

The Digimon Card Game is a competitive trading card game. Each player has a companion Digimon in the battle area to attack the opponent. Your Digimon evolves, gets stronger, and gains new power! You win by beating your opponent’s security (reducing your opponent’s Security Area cards to zero) and delivering a knockout blow! This tournament […]

Pokemon: Standard Tournament

For the 2022 season, cards with “D” and “E” regulation marks are legal for use (as well as any future regulation marks that may be released). As of right now, that includes all cards from the Sword & Shield expansion forward. New cards still must follow the appropriate waiting period to become tournament legal, which is typically […]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Play and Tournaments

The Yu-Gi-Oh! card game has been extremely popular for years, and this year thanks to our friends at Imperial Trading Cards, we’re hosting some great Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments, as well as open play! They will also be hosting friendly competitions here throughout the day! Provided by Imperial Trading Cards.

Magic: The Gathering Play and Tournaments

Did you know Magic: The Gathering was revealed at the same physical location we are at (although in the previous building) in 1993? Join friends or make new ones playing Magic: The Gathering with us! Don’t have your cards? We’ll even have an cool old-school multiplayer format that you can play using our cards!

Yu-Gi-Oh: Rogue Format

Interested in a format other than standard? Well, the rogue tournament format is just for you! The rogue tournament format is a fanmade format created to make the game a little more exciting! by banning or limiting a good portion of the highest seen competitive cards! This is done by creating an unofficial ban list […]

Yu-Gi-Oh: Standard Format

Do you think you have what it takes to become the king of games? Playing along with the standard format means you can use cards from as early as the very first set of Yu-Gi-Oh!, In addition, you must also abide by Konami’s Forbidden and Limited List ( There you will see what cards you […]