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11/5-7 2021; Fri 6p-12a, Sat 10a-8p, Sun 10a-5p

November 5 - 7, 2021 • Friday: 6p-12a, Saturday: 10a-8p, Sunday: 10a-5p


4/29-5/1/22; Fri 6p-12a, Sat 10a-8p, Sun 10a-5p

April 29 - May 1, 2022 • Fri: 6p-12a, Saturday: 10a-8p, Sunday: 10a-5p

Yu-Gi-Oh Play Info

The Yu-Gi-Oh! card game has been extremely popular for years, and this year thanks to our friends at Imperial Trading Cards, we’re hosting some great Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments! They will also be hosting friendly tournaments here throughout the day!

Play Magic: The Gathering!

Did you know Magic: The Gathering was revealed at the same physical location we are at (although in the previous building) in 1993? Join friends or make new ones playing Magic: The Gathering with us! Don’t have your cards? We’ll even have an cool old-school multiplayer format that you can play using our cards!

Yu-Gi-Oh: Rogue Format

Interested in a format other than standard? Well, the rogue tournament format is just for you! The rogue tournament format is a fanmade format created to make the game a little more exciting! by banning or limiting a good portion of the highest seen competitive cards! This is done by creating an unofficial ban list […]

Yu-Gi-Oh: Standard Format

Do you think you have what it takes to become the king of games? Playing along with the standard format means you can use cards from as early as the very first set of Yu-Gi-Oh!,  In addition, you must also abide by Konami’s Forbidden and Limited List ( There you will see what cars you […]

Yu-Gi-Oh: GOAT Format

Miss the old era of Yu-gi-oh!? GOAT format will take you back to the days where only fusion monsters were in the extra deck and powerful cards were legal! Since you are interested in playing in a classic format, you only have to abide by the ban list that was in state at the time […]

Magic: Modern Face Off

It’s MODERN SUNDAY at the MGC! Bring your Modern decks and face off against other players for some awesome prizes! We’re putting up a booster box for every 8 players who participate, with a guarantee of at least TWO booster boxes no matter what, so grab your Izzet Spells and get ready to Burn your […]

Magic: Commander Battle for the Wheel

Play for an incredibly powerful Wheel of Fortune card! Bring your Commander deck and face off against others to see you has the fortune on November 6th! Better yet, for every player beyond 10, we’ll be adding $15 of in-store credit to either Faklandia Gaming or Slypatch Gaming to the prize pool!

Magic: Legacy Tournament

You asked for it, we’re doing it! We’re at the physical location where Magic: The Gathering was first unveiled, so it only makes sense to use some of the most powerful cards in the history of Magic for a Legacy tournament! Up to 10 proxies are allowed per deck. The top four players will get […]

Magic: Booster Fast Draft

Want to play some Friday Night Magic while still enjoying the rest of preview night? Stop by with others and start a “Fast Draft” at any time! What’s a Fast Draft? It’s a draft where after you construct your 40 card deck, you play only a single game against the others to see who wins! […]

Magic: Booster Draft

If you’re a fan of Magic, what better way to spend a Friday night than playing a major Friday Night Magic Draft… included with your ticket! For every 8 players, we’re providing TWO boxes of Magic Draft Boosters! Players get 3 Draft Boosters for the Draft, and each group of 8 will get 48 packs […]