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Lindsey, Jason (Metal Jesus)

The Metal Jesus is a long-haired rocker dude who runs a popular YouTube channel dedicated to Retro Gaming with a Heavy Metal soundtrack. With the help of the Seattle gaming community he covers Hidden Gems, Buying Guides as well as the popular I HATE U series, Gamer Eats and much more. He was also an […]

Bonus Stage

Our friends from Hair of the Dogcast and Premium Edition Games are here to share collecting trends, discuss what it is like to make games, and more! Look for lots of special guests throughout the weekend!

Niemeyer, Paul E.

Paul E. Niemeyer’s game art career began at Bally/Midway in 1982, where he did art on games including Tapper, PacMan Plus, Super PacMan, Professor PacMan, TRON, Satan’s Hollow, Spy Hunter, WACKO, and Midnight Marauders, as well as dozens of prototype games. In 1984, he went freelance and worked on games like Time Killers, Aeroboto, Star […]

Ahn, Philip

Dr. Phillip Ahn, MD. holds a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Phillip is not an actor by profession, but by starring as Shang Tsung in the Mortal Kombat 2 video game, he gained fame with gamers!

Marquez, Anthony

Anthony Marquez is an American actor and martial artist. He is best known as Kung Lao in the Mortal Kombat video game series


It’s the ULTIMATE martial arts exhibition! The REAL martial arts skills of the Mortal Kombat actors including Daniel Pesina and Dr Phillip Ahn are being combined with local taekwondo studio Wings Academy for an unforgettable exhibition! Immediately following, you can break a board to TEST YOUR MIGHT with these martial arts legends!

Industry Professional Meet & Greet

The gaming trade has a lot of fascinating professionals to meet! Please note – ALL Meet and Greets are included in your admission price, however capacity is limited. For sessions with high demand, we will issue line tickets on a first-come, first-serve basis at the beginning of the signing. Those who step out of line […]

MGC GameShow

Super The Hardest presents the return of the most popular event at the Midwest Gaming Classic ten years ago… the GAME SHOW! Stop by to see a hilarious spin on a game show revolving around trivia, questions, gaming, and above all, FUN!

Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode plays video game jazz music with ripping guitar solos. Catch them playing jazz/rock covers of gaming music or online at – – Arcade Mode is on Instagram

Game Room After Party (Sat)

Want the ultimate gaming experience at the Midwest Gaming Classic, while also getting to meet the other collectors in the midwestern area? Then this party is for you! The ENTIRE game room is open, including the Arcade, Computer and Console Museum, and more! We provide complimentary food and drink tickets, and you get to play […]